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*LBB has been designated sole distributor for Bottle Green organic drinks

*Coffee Crisp will soon be available in 24 pack box

*LBB Import 2016 Pre Order Holiday Catalog is now available…please contact Customer service.

LBB has years of experience designing planograms for our customers. We have the personnel able to develop a range of products to fit your particular environment and space needs. Whether it is a 4’, 8’ or larger planogram our experienced staff will get the most out of every foot.

LBB Imports

Once the products have been selected we follow up with advice on product changes due to manufacturing or layout and general contact to track customer purchasing trends and new products that become available etc. With advertising participation programs including illustration design LBB is committed to provide the best customer support available.


Founded in late 2000, LBB began its operations importing popular food brands from the UK to provide local distribution services to restaurants and retail outlets throughout Southern California. By 2006, LBB was conducting business on a national scale, and during 2007 & 2008, our spectrum of clientele expanded to include not only independent outlets across the country, but local and national retail chains and major national food distributors. Also during this time, LBB extended its reach into other areas of the world, predominantly South Africa, Australia and Canada. In 2010 an East Coast warehouse facility was established to take advantage of shorter shipping time from the UK and better access to our customers on the east coast.

Today, LBB is one of the largest importers of food product from the UK a growth based primarily on good service and consistent supply.  We represent some of largest and most well-known brands from around the world, and will continue to expand our portfolio.

With a heavy investment into technology and computerization, LBB is able to track and maintain a steady flow of inventory through various ports spanning both coasts, and into the US marketplace. 

Retailers are welcome and encouraged to order online.  Our pleasant and dedicated staff is waiting diligently to assist you.



Our Customer service agents are available Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm at our West coast headquarters. You can also order via Fax or through our easy to use On Line system.


Qualified customers are granted net 30 terms.  For a full list of our Terms and Conditions please contact our Customer Service agents directly.


We’ll deliver your order by the most appropriate method depending on your order. This may be by courier, bulk delivery on pallets via a trucking company or on our own local delivery trucks. To ensure your order arrives in the best possible condition and via the most cost effective method orders are thoroughly reviewed prior to shipment.



We use high-quality packaging materials and trusted couriers, so we can almost guarantee that your packages will arrive at your door in perfect condition. However, should something go wrong, please contact us straight away and provide evidence of any damages. We will arrange for a replacement at no cost to you. Alternatively if the damaged parcel needs to be sent back to us we will issue a prepaid return slip.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Product Catalog 2015/2016

Holiday 2017

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